General Toy Care 
  • No Perforations | meaning you can’t bite, pierce, or cut your toys as it will make your toy vulnerable to further tears and damage and allow an entrance for fluids and unfriendly bacteria
  • No Silicone Lube | do not use silicone-based lubes with your silicone-toys as they degrade (hue hue hue…) each other.
  • No Mixing | while silicone is mostly inert, there are some materials in low quality toys that can cause unwanted degradation. Best practice would be to store your DireWolf Toys separately from other toys to prevent leaching of chemicals, colors, textures, etc. 
Best Practices
  • Using warm water and soap, thoroughly clean your toys when they arrive, after every use, before storage, and after storage.Thoroughly dry them.
    • For ease, dishwash your toy!
  • Use a good quality water based lube when being creative!
  • Store your toys protectively. As mentioned earlier, always keep your DireWolf Toys away from material toys.  Keep the piece even more comfortable by keeping it wrapped in a dry towel, stored in a zip lock bag, and in a location where it won’t be squished or spilled on.